Monday, October 12, 2009

The Yankees Win! The Yankees Win!

YAY! The Yankees Won!!!
Over the years I have started to learn more about MLB and love the New York Yankees! Pat has always loved the Yankees and he is a HUGE fan. When we first started dating he would try to get me into....but it really wasn't my thing. I could not even stand watching it! (I am a football girl!!!) I do love the fact that my daughters love the Yankees, will watch a whole entire game, they have their favorite players, wear their Yankee shirts, and love talking baseball with their dad. Well.........a few years ago a certain person opened up my eyes to baseball and it is that person who helped me get into baseball.............

Thank you Derek Jeter!!!

Let me be honest here......if it was not for Derek Jeter I probably would have never gotten into baseball or the Yankees. (I am pretty sure Pat thanks him also) It is not only his is everything about him. The type of player he is.......I love how after he makes a great play he does his famous arm pump thingy......I love me some Derek Jeter!!! And if it wasn't for Derek Jeter I would not have gotten to know about the Yankees or MLB at all! Now I do not know all the stats and terminology. However I do that this year he has already 18 homeruns and 66 RBI.

If it was not for Derek Jeter I would never gotten into baseball or become a Yankee Fan........I would also not get to know this person either.....

Thank you Derek Jeter!!

Brett Gardner!!!! Yummmmmmmm!!!


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Anonymous said... confused... you werent very you love derek jeter? and is it because of him you like baseball?