Friday, October 2, 2009

Whooo It's Friday!

This day is finally here! Oh sweet Friday how I love thee.

This week has gone by so slow but it is finally the weekend.....Whoo Whoo. I am hoping that today will fly by. I have an exciting lunch today, I will be going to the Omni for a luncheon with the Mayor of Jacksonville and the Mayor of Puerto Rico. This will be my first luncheon and I am totally excited and happy that I have been given this opportunity to go!!! (I will have to fill you in about it after I go!!)

This week was pretty normal, nothing really exciting.....except for my NEW blog!!!! I had asked my sweet friend Bellini (check out her blog you will love it!!!) to help decorate my blog. I told her what colors and styles I like and she said she would work on it. I came to work on Thursday morning and it brought a huge smile to my came out perfect!!!! Thank you Bellini!!!

The rest of the week went something like this........Work, rush to soccer practices, homework, showers, being referee between both girls, I really need to go on??? So I am so ready for the weekend. Right after work I have to rush to their soccer games and then make softball car wash signs (If you are in Fleming Island tomorrow come to Chili's btw 11-1 and donate to our OPAA girls!!!). I would love to try to go somehow to the country concert tonight to see Joe Nichols! But I will probably be covered in magic markers making Car Wash signs (with a nice cold glass of Pinot in hand of course). Wild Friday night I tell ya! ha!

Saturday morning will start off early with rushing the girls out of the house to their games (hopefully with a Large Coffee from Starbucks in my hand). Then rush off to the car wash fundraiser. Then ending my day with my dearest friend's birthday dinner! I cannot wait! I have already told my FFF (My friend forever) to have a glass of wine with Red bull ready for me as soon as I walk in the door.

Hopefully Sunday I will be going to the football game (Go Jags!!!). I am especially excited about this game!!! Mostly because of the weather. It is great football weather!!!!

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