Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Washington Calling My Name!

In about six weeks we will be taking a road trip to Ohio (for my cousin's wedding) and then spending a week in Washington D.C. !!!!
Excited =80%
No So Excited= 20%
I have had so many mixed feelings about this trip. I am totally stoked about going to see my family and spending a week in Washington! I even get a week and a half away from work. I mean really who wouldn't be excited about being away from work and spening time in our beautiful Nation's Capitol??? All History, site seeing, etc....Strangely it really isn't the looooong drive and rest stops that bother me. It is actually the two wonderful angels in the backseat that provide some of my doubts for the trip. I am lucky that both girls are old enough (8 and 6) now to make this great adventure and should handle the trip......but they are also old enough now to speak their minds, dispute everything that is said, annoy each other, constantly have to go to the "bathroom", and get bored very easily. "Mommy she is looking at me!" "Mommy, I have to go to the bathroom......I guess I didn't really need to go afterall." "Mommy, are we almost there???"
BUT...... After this weekend I am now 100% completely excited about the trip as a whole. Bring on the 13 to 15hr drive to Ohio!!!!! What changed my mind??? The recent weather change here in Florida and........The West Wing. You know.... the show? I hate to admit it but it is true. It is that type of show that your significant other watches all the time and you just cannot stand it. Then the next thing you know it kind of grows on you and eventually you are more obsessed with it than he is (but would never admit that you absolutely love it!!!) Anyways, I was watching season three when I saw Washington D.C. looking like this.......

Can you see how now this 13 -15hr trip will seem like a piece of cake? This is what I will be imagining and reminding myself what I have to look forward to while I have two sweet girls in the back seat. The only thing now is, .........what I am going to imagine to get back home??? HA!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

I guess I am back to the blog world. Some of my friends are on here now and all we talk about is "Blog This" and "That person's blog"....so forth. So, here I am back again. Ready to take on the blog world. Only if I can figure out how to dress up my blog!!!

I have to admit that I am actually very excited and cannot wait to start blogging. I hopefully will have stuff to blog about soon!!! I hope I can balance everything out with work, facebook, being a mommy, and of course blogs! LOL!