Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Maybe it is just me???

Ok, maybe it is just me but I hate it when people talk to me while I am going to the bathroom. There are not a lot of things that bother me at all. Like for instance when someone takes my stapler off my desk....I just go find it. When I am sitting in line to get off on an exit and someone jacks me. I just think to myself that they are in a big hurry and I just helped them get somewhere on time. Or even when I am carrying tons of papers in my hands and I am walking right behind someone and that person just lets the down close on me. I get stuck putting the papers under my chin even bringing in my upper thigh to help out so that nothing falls out of my hands and I eventually can feel my shirt hike up a little bit on the side (which is horrible!!!) while I am reaching for the door handle. Nope, it doesn't bother me. I just think to myself that you just didn't see me behind you (even though I said please hold the door open) but whatever!

But what does bother me???? When people talk to me while I am using bathroom. When I go to the bathroom at work and an employee is in there, I only say "Hi, How are you" to be nice people. Not to have a conversation. I am in the bathroom for one use it. Unless I am two sheets to the wind or my best friend, do not talk to me.

This is usually how the conversation always goes:

Talkative Co-Worker: Hi Elise, How are you?

Elise: Good thanks, how are you? I love your shirt. It looks so good on you.
(Elise's Mind): Alright, maybe this time since you gave her a compliment she won't talk to you.

Talkative Co-Worker: Thanks, I got it from The Black and White store and I just had to get it. Have you been there before? You have to go!

Elise: Oh, ok.
(Elise's Mind): YES! I have already told you this before..... As a matter of fact I think it was here in the bathroom. Oh and please I am a target queen. I am almost positive that I saw that on the rack...YEP, I did.

Talkative Co-Worker: So how are the girls? Do you have any plans for the weekend.

Elise: They are great thank you. Nope, not this weekend.
(Elise's Mind): NO, I already told you this on MONDAY when you stalked me in the bathroom. Great, now I am bathroom shy. This is not good for the bladder.

Talkative C0-Worker: Well, I have tons of cleaning to do and I wanted to go to the beach since the weather has been so nice.

Elise: Sounds great
(Elise' Mind): Yes finally I am peeing.....that feels so good. Why won't this lady stop talking. Is she looking thru the cracks of the door? Yep I caught you! You looked thru the crack! Don't you have work to do lady???

Talkative Co-Worker: Yeah, hopefully I can get some more sun. I am in need of a...

Elise: FLUSH
(Elise's Mind)- Great now I have to wash my hands and talk to this lady.

Talkative Co-Worker: Well, I need to finish my rebate.

Elise: Alright, see ya later!
(Elise's Mind): REALLY you couldn't realize that while I was peeing!??!?!

Friday, November 14, 2008

Elevator Manners

I work in a lovely building downtown that overlooks the river and it is just wonderful. It is the type of building that decorates the whole inside like it is winter wonderland for Christmas. We have a restaurant, salon, jewelry store, and people constantly coming in and out. Everyone looking like they are important type of a place….point blank it is a nice building.

Now of course in such a wonderful building where there are so many people and floors….there comes some not so wonderful parts of this building. Now, I work on the 10th floor of the building. You are probably thinking no big deal…right? It wasn’t a big deal at all. Except, when you have to get to work and you have to leave work. The only way to get to your floor is up the elevator.

Now, this is where it all begins. Elevator manners (one on one with Elise). I know that our parents taught us respect and some types of manors growing up. I think we should keep in consideration that we should start our kids at an early age on how to use Elevator manners.

1) Do not spray yourself with gallons of cologne and then walk on an elevator: I know you want to be Rico Suave, but dude seriously I can smell you a mile away and in the elevator the smell is going no where. You should know that after you get off the elevator and you get on 4hrs later and it still smells like a cologne bottle broke in there, that you are putting waaaaayyyyyy too much on in the morning.
2) Holding the elevator: I agree when you are on the bottom floor and you see someone running a hundred yard dash while holding coffee and dropping papers everywhere you should hold the elevator and let them on. BUT this should be the rule of thumb- If you are on the first floor and going up you don’t always have to hold the doors…but it is (what is the word) nice. It is nice to do, but not disrespectful. Now, if you are getting on the elevator and going to another floor… not hold the door open and have a conversation with someone. I have somewhere to be people….not here listening to two people figuring out their lunch schedule or if that other person is getting on the elevator with you.
3) Over Crowding the Elevators: This is the worst thing in the world. Just imaging….I am ready to go home. I have worked hard all day, I stressed about all the things I have to do when I get home, preparing myself for the horrible traffic I'm about to get into, I just can’t wait to get home and change my clothes, turn into mom and then I have to get on the elevator. Now, I know that there is a weight limit on the elevator and I truly think that people always use the weight amount as their “Should I Get On” for their decision. They seriously think to themselves….”Oh it is only 735lbs in the elevator and I only weight 165lbs so we should be good." It really isn’t! I am sorry guys if there are sooo many people on the elevator that the doors can’t close don’t keep shifting, don’t look around to see if you can figure a way to rearrange everyone, and don’t put your stuff in the air over our heads. Just wait for another elevator….it is only a couple of minutes away.
4) Covering the Floor Buttons: So I get on the elevator and some people have a tendency to push their floor button and not move. Not even ask what floor other people need to go on. So while we are trying to be respectful and somehow slip our arms around the person before missing our floor it now becomes……a twister game on the elevator. 10 people saying excuse me and reaching all around each other while this person is just standing there. Hello sir/ma’am, please enter your floor number and move out of the way.

Just Starting

After using one of my dearest friend's login and I soon realized that I am secretly obsessed with blogging.

When I was having a bad day, I would read some blogs and some put smiles on my face. I realized that when I read a story and the person was mad, I got mad too and I had to know what happened in the end. When I read something sad, I caught myself tearing up.

So, I decided....why not start my own? I question myself in this big decision.....

Could and Would I be able to be as funny as these people? Would people be obsessed with blogs as I was with there's? What if what I have to say has nothingness to it? What if people think my life is psycho? What if I am not normal? What if I cannot think of a "COOL" blogging name?

So then I decided to put the questions aside and ask Why the heck not? Who is normal anyways? Right??

Well, I am pretty excited about this new adventure in my life see if I can put a smile on someone’s face or share my life stories.

Hopefully a "cool" name will follow on this new adventure!