Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Maybe it is just me???

Ok, maybe it is just me but I hate it when people talk to me while I am going to the bathroom. There are not a lot of things that bother me at all. Like for instance when someone takes my stapler off my desk....I just go find it. When I am sitting in line to get off on an exit and someone jacks me. I just think to myself that they are in a big hurry and I just helped them get somewhere on time. Or even when I am carrying tons of papers in my hands and I am walking right behind someone and that person just lets the down close on me. I get stuck putting the papers under my chin even bringing in my upper thigh to help out so that nothing falls out of my hands and I eventually can feel my shirt hike up a little bit on the side (which is horrible!!!) while I am reaching for the door handle. Nope, it doesn't bother me. I just think to myself that you just didn't see me behind you (even though I said please hold the door open) but whatever!

But what does bother me???? When people talk to me while I am using bathroom. When I go to the bathroom at work and an employee is in there, I only say "Hi, How are you" to be nice people. Not to have a conversation. I am in the bathroom for one use it. Unless I am two sheets to the wind or my best friend, do not talk to me.

This is usually how the conversation always goes:

Talkative Co-Worker: Hi Elise, How are you?

Elise: Good thanks, how are you? I love your shirt. It looks so good on you.
(Elise's Mind): Alright, maybe this time since you gave her a compliment she won't talk to you.

Talkative Co-Worker: Thanks, I got it from The Black and White store and I just had to get it. Have you been there before? You have to go!

Elise: Oh, ok.
(Elise's Mind): YES! I have already told you this before..... As a matter of fact I think it was here in the bathroom. Oh and please I am a target queen. I am almost positive that I saw that on the rack...YEP, I did.

Talkative Co-Worker: So how are the girls? Do you have any plans for the weekend.

Elise: They are great thank you. Nope, not this weekend.
(Elise's Mind): NO, I already told you this on MONDAY when you stalked me in the bathroom. Great, now I am bathroom shy. This is not good for the bladder.

Talkative C0-Worker: Well, I have tons of cleaning to do and I wanted to go to the beach since the weather has been so nice.

Elise: Sounds great
(Elise' Mind): Yes finally I am peeing.....that feels so good. Why won't this lady stop talking. Is she looking thru the cracks of the door? Yep I caught you! You looked thru the crack! Don't you have work to do lady???

Talkative Co-Worker: Yeah, hopefully I can get some more sun. I am in need of a...

Elise: FLUSH
(Elise's Mind)- Great now I have to wash my hands and talk to this lady.

Talkative Co-Worker: Well, I need to finish my rebate.

Elise: Alright, see ya later!
(Elise's Mind): REALLY you couldn't realize that while I was peeing!??!?!

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