Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kids Say the Darndest Things!!!

My lovely daughters!

Emma- BRB
Popop- What is BRB?
Emma- means Be Right Back!!!!! (this was said in the HELLO you should have known better tone)
(I LOL-ed her)

Mr. Friend- Yes!!!! I am having BLT's for dinner tonight. They are seriously my favvvorite!!!
Alexis- Oh, you love Budlight Limes also? That's my dad's favvvorite!

Alexis- Who won the baseball game last night?
Mr. Friend- The Yankees did.
Alexis- YES!!!! Did anyone hit a homerun?
Mr. Friend- Yes. Alex, Mark, and.....I can't remember the other person.
Emma- Oh I know!!!!! It was probably Babe Ruth who hit the homerun!!!!

Alexis- Mom, I have hair just like you!
Me- Oh, we have the same hair? (I have dark dark dark brown curly hair and she has straight light brown hair) Why do you think we have the same hair?
Alexis- I mean, when I get home school our hair is the same. You know wild, crazy and all over the place? Just like yours!

Me- Emma please go take a shower and make sure you wash those feet and legs!
20mins later
Me- Emma did you wash your whole body????
Emma- No!
Me- You have been in there for 20 mins!!!! Did you wash anything???
Emma- Yes, my legs and my feet!!!

Me- Alexis can you see if we have anymore Band-Aids ?
Alexis- Nope. We ran out.
Me- Crap! I need a Band-Aid. (Emma hands me a tampon)
Me- Emma why do you have that? Please put that back.
Emma- Aren't these for your "Boo Boo's"

Me- Ugh, Daddy's blanket smells! We need to wash this.
Alexis- Yeah, he farts a that is probably why his blanket smells.

Me- Oh MY!!
Alexis and Emma- What? What?
Me- We almost got in an accident!!!
Emma says to Alexis- Daddy told us she was a bad driver.

Monday, October 26, 2009

So Many Things......

***Warning Warning Warning*** There might be a couple of blogs from me in the next couple of days. I have not had the chance to write any blogs and there are so many things I want to say and catch you all up on.

I am not sure if you all have heard this story on the news...... Somer Thompson. Somer Thompson was a 1st grader from Orange Park, Florida. She disappeared on 10/19/09 while walking home from school. After a tremendous community search, her body was found two days later by the police at a Georgia Landfill.

So many of us have been affected by this horrible story......not just Clay County but from all over!

Putting aside all the judgements, thoughts, and opinions of who could have done this, what could have been avoided, what this world has come to........this has all made us stronger individually and as a community. From the moment that Somer was missing, people were in the streets passing out flyers, posting images on Facebook, walking in the streets/ woods, stopping cars to hand out pictures of Somer, raising money for family, having vigils every night, mourned, hugged their children more often, and started paying better attention to their surroundings.

Seeing the below image and video brings chills through out my body and water to my eyes.

(I am not sure how to post video's yet.....but here is the link- Somer's Balloon Release )
There is a saying that God has reason for everything. I know that some people do not believe that or sometimes cannot understand the reasoning to his plan.
I do believe that God has a plan for everything, but I do also believe that God does not causes such ugliness. I believe that someone ruined God's plan and I have complete faith that God is up there with sweet little Somer (listening to her advice) with scrolls and scrolls of papers trying to rearrange what someone messed up.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bowl A Thon

Well, the Bowl A Thon (charity event I wrote about in Whoo Whoo Wednesday!) is right around the corner.....5 days to be exact!

Things are getting so hectic but really exciting at the same time. It is our first event and we have already learned so much from it. For example......proof reading everything, explaining things better and simpler...yada yada. HA! Hopefully we can grow and improve from our first event.

I have been so worried about the turnout amount and if we would even be able to make all this happen. But after completing the excel spreadsheet of registration forms it looks like everything is going to be fine. We have 50 definite bowlers!!! (and that is only for the registrations that we have there might be more than that!!!) I know that, that may not seem like a lot but for our first event I am pretty satisfied and have great expectations of growing every year.

I am so lucky and blessed that we have so many great friends and supporters for this event. I know that they will totally understand and laugh at our bloopers and mistakes! Even though PFL and I are completely stressed out right now............I know it will be worth it in the end.

Playing My Song

I received an IM today telling me to go listen to a I clicked on the link and it was my FAVORITE song of all time!!!!!

I love music (all types)!!! It gets me through my work day, driving, showers, 2 hour hair straightening, cooking, holidays, parties, and even cleaning.

A certain song can come on the radio and change my mood completely around. The best ones are songs that you haven't heard in forever and you sing on the top of your lungs!

So when I got the IM and went to the link.......I was super excited and was totally jamming out in my cubicle. This song is my "Jam" for everything!!! When we are out at a bar and this song comes on all my girlfriends know to get out on the dance floor, swing their hair, and dance with me. It is hardly on the radio so when it comes on it is a must to have the windows down, volume turned up, and to sing it on the top of my lungs!!!

Below is my "Jam" song. If you are work I hope you jam out in your cubicle and if you are at home I hope you kick off your shoes, grab a brush to sing into, and dance around.......oh and don't forget the swinging hair!!!!!!!

What is your "Jam" song?????

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Whoo Whoo Wednesday!

My goodness it is already Wednesday! I am so ready for this week to be over with, except after tomorrow everything kind of goes crazy...not just for a day or two days but for like a whole month!!!

I am sooooo lucky that there are no practices this week!!! Yippee!!! So that out helped a lot. The girls have been fed, showered, homework completed and in bed by 8.00 sharp! (So far anyways)

This month we are throwing our first charity event. I am pretty excited about it. Almost a year ago PFL's brother past away from brain cancer....he was only 33yrs old. I had previously lost my grandfather (9yrs in October) to cancer. It is a horrible disease and it affects almost everyone friend, family, co-worker, church friend....yada yada.

So we decided to throw an event benefiting Relay For Life called Strike Down Cancer. It is a Bowl A Thon!!!! What better way to not only raise money but celebrate people's lives, family members, friends by having fun and bowling!??!

I created flyers and registration forms and sent them out to everyone I know. Thanks to Face Book we already have 46 confirmed bowlers!!!! I am totally stoked!

We only have a couple of weeks. Well actually........exactly 11 days until our 1st event!!!! We still have to finalize our silent auction gifts, door prizes, and get basically everything organized!!!! I have made my checklist and ready to tackle it!!! =)

Monday, October 12, 2009

The Yankees Win! The Yankees Win!

YAY! The Yankees Won!!!
Over the years I have started to learn more about MLB and love the New York Yankees! Pat has always loved the Yankees and he is a HUGE fan. When we first started dating he would try to get me into....but it really wasn't my thing. I could not even stand watching it! (I am a football girl!!!) I do love the fact that my daughters love the Yankees, will watch a whole entire game, they have their favorite players, wear their Yankee shirts, and love talking baseball with their dad. Well.........a few years ago a certain person opened up my eyes to baseball and it is that person who helped me get into baseball.............

Thank you Derek Jeter!!!

Let me be honest here......if it was not for Derek Jeter I probably would have never gotten into baseball or the Yankees. (I am pretty sure Pat thanks him also) It is not only his is everything about him. The type of player he is.......I love how after he makes a great play he does his famous arm pump thingy......I love me some Derek Jeter!!! And if it wasn't for Derek Jeter I would not have gotten to know about the Yankees or MLB at all! Now I do not know all the stats and terminology. However I do that this year he has already 18 homeruns and 66 RBI.

If it was not for Derek Jeter I would never gotten into baseball or become a Yankee Fan........I would also not get to know this person either.....

Thank you Derek Jeter!!

Brett Gardner!!!! Yummmmmmmm!!!

Risin' Up To The Challenge Of Our Rival!

I am so excited about this blog!!!! More than excited.......PUMPED! I am ready for change and ready to make it happen. It has been hard for me to get motivated and work out, diet, etc. I know that there are "super-mommies" out there in the world who are able to do everything with no problem. I want so much to be a "super-mommie!!!" It just is not that simple for me. It has been hard for me to juggle working out, eating right, running to this or that practice/ game, help with homework, and so forth. When I have an evening with nothing to do I find myself just wanting to REST! I was training with a trainer and it was going great! I felt great and was making a lot of progress....but my $$$$ was not. So today I found myself some PUMP up music and made my schedule........
Eye Of The Tiger - Survivor

Monday - 6:00-6:45 AM = Cycle, 6:50-7:30 Laps in the Pool
Tuesday- 6:00-7:00 AM= Yoga, 7:05-7:30 Cardio
Wednesday- 6:00-7:00AM= Yogilates, 7:05-7:30 Laps in the Pool
Thursday- 6:00-7:00AM= Yoga, 7:05-7:30 Cardio
Friday- 6:00-7:00 AM= Yoga, 7:05-7:30 Laps in the Pool

I know that this is early in the morning, but I had to make a realistic schedule that I could keep. I know that I am not going to work out after work......there is usually some practice or game I have to rush the girls to, dinner to be made, or homework that needs to be corrected, and so on and so on.

I know I can do this if I put everything I have into it!!!! I am ready for the challenge and will be starting tomorrow. I cannot wait for me to be able to write a "Follow Up" blog on my progress!!!