Thursday, October 29, 2009

Kids Say the Darndest Things!!!

My lovely daughters!

Emma- BRB
Popop- What is BRB?
Emma- means Be Right Back!!!!! (this was said in the HELLO you should have known better tone)
(I LOL-ed her)

Mr. Friend- Yes!!!! I am having BLT's for dinner tonight. They are seriously my favvvorite!!!
Alexis- Oh, you love Budlight Limes also? That's my dad's favvvorite!

Alexis- Who won the baseball game last night?
Mr. Friend- The Yankees did.
Alexis- YES!!!! Did anyone hit a homerun?
Mr. Friend- Yes. Alex, Mark, and.....I can't remember the other person.
Emma- Oh I know!!!!! It was probably Babe Ruth who hit the homerun!!!!

Alexis- Mom, I have hair just like you!
Me- Oh, we have the same hair? (I have dark dark dark brown curly hair and she has straight light brown hair) Why do you think we have the same hair?
Alexis- I mean, when I get home school our hair is the same. You know wild, crazy and all over the place? Just like yours!

Me- Emma please go take a shower and make sure you wash those feet and legs!
20mins later
Me- Emma did you wash your whole body????
Emma- No!
Me- You have been in there for 20 mins!!!! Did you wash anything???
Emma- Yes, my legs and my feet!!!

Me- Alexis can you see if we have anymore Band-Aids ?
Alexis- Nope. We ran out.
Me- Crap! I need a Band-Aid. (Emma hands me a tampon)
Me- Emma why do you have that? Please put that back.
Emma- Aren't these for your "Boo Boo's"

Me- Ugh, Daddy's blanket smells! We need to wash this.
Alexis- Yeah, he farts a that is probably why his blanket smells.

Me- Oh MY!!
Alexis and Emma- What? What?
Me- We almost got in an accident!!!
Emma says to Alexis- Daddy told us she was a bad driver.


Heather said...

Really Elise? All you said was "Oh My" after a potential accident? LOL! This was hillarious! Your girls say the funniest things!

Elise said...

......HA HA HA!!!

Katie said...

hahaha your kids are adorable!