Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Playing My Song

I received an IM today telling me to go listen to a song.......so I clicked on the link and it was my FAVORITE song of all time!!!!!

I love music (all types)!!! It gets me through my work day, driving, showers, 2 hour hair straightening, cooking, holidays, parties, and even cleaning.

A certain song can come on the radio and change my mood completely around. The best ones are songs that you haven't heard in forever and you sing on the top of your lungs!

So when I got the IM and went to the link.......I was super excited and was totally jamming out in my cubicle. This song is my "Jam" for everything!!! When we are out at a bar and this song comes on all my girlfriends know to get out on the dance floor, swing their hair, and dance with me. It is hardly on the radio so when it comes on it is a must to have the windows down, volume turned up, and to sing it on the top of my lungs!!!

Below is my "Jam" song. If you are work I hope you jam out in your cubicle and if you are at home I hope you kick off your shoes, grab a brush to sing into, and dance around.......oh and don't forget the swinging hair!!!!!!!


What is your "Jam" song?????

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