Thursday, October 8, 2009

October Projects!!!!

I am a fall lover! It's the weather, football season, the decorations, the change in color of the trees, baking.....everything! (And it leads us all to winter!)

Last year, was my first year that I started decorating our house for fall and Halloween. It took a lot of researching and shopping ( I am NO Martha Stewart!!!). I started it off with candles from Yankee Candle. I purchased the Frosted Pumpkin (smells wonderful!!). I also found a great three layered candle from Yankee that had Fall Festival on the top, Pumpkin in the middle, and Cider on the bottom. It made the house smell wonderful and always in the mood for the fall season! The rest of my decorations I had gotten from Kirklands.....(LOVE that store!!!). I got really cute items from there that I knew I could use over and over I would be able to add on in the future. Here are just a couple of items that I had gotten....

But this year, (since I am a Mommy on a budget but still want to continue growing on my fall decorations), I have found items that the girls and I can make together!!!! They are super cute and easy to make! I found them on Better Homes and Garden website.....they are great ideas but were still a little high in budget and difficult in creating for me so I will be improvising.......

Project #1- Horrifying Hurricane-
I though these were simple and cute! (Plus I would be able to use these for Christmas also!!!) I really don't love the black lace, so I think I will be eliminating that step. I will get a couple of glass hurricanes ($8-$12) and a bag of mini pumpkins ($10.00 for 20!!) from Target!

Project #2- Mummy Candy Pots

These are adorable! The instructions and "items needed" were a little too complex and expense for the girls and I. So....Instead of a clay pots I will purchase miniature plastic pots, use an old sheet or daddy under shirts from home, instead of acrylic paint we will be using the girls paint, and two beads from their jewelry making kit. (glue gun needed). Instead of using these as candy holders I will be using them as candle holders (of course with tea light glass holders inside of them)!
I figured with mini pots the girls can make a couple of them. I would cut the old shirt or sheet in long strips. Then they can paint daddy's old shirts or a ripped up sheet. When dried I would hot glue the strips of cloth on to the pot.

Project #3- Boo-tiful Photo Album

I am totally excited about this one!!! I know the girls will love this project. I figured I would find a inexpensive photo album (Target Red Stickers!!!!) Grab some felts, little decorations, and stickers from the dollar store or Michael's (art store). Glue the felt to the album as a cover. I have some left over scrap booking sheets left over for the girls to decorate. Every year the girls can put their Halloween pics in their Boo-tiful Halloween Album.

I cannot wait to show you our outcome of these projects!!!!


Heather said...

VERY cute ideas!! I really like the first one!

Katie said...

Love love love projects! (And love those Target red stickers, too!)