Wednesday, October 7, 2009

28th Day

Once every 28 days ("time of the month") I cannot help but be jealous of MEN. I can't help it. I know men have their "side" and their "problems/ issues". I just feel that women have it a little harder sometimes! I am not saying one is better than the other or one is more important than the other......I just feel that most women have it harder.......

#1-Men don't shave their face and it is considered a "New Look" or just scruffy. When in all reality it was that they were too LAZY and didn't shave.
#1-Women don't shave their legs and it is just nastiness.

#2-Men get to pee standing up!
#2- Women.......Dude! I would love to pee standing up. I could pee anywhere. I wouldn't have to "Drip Dry". I wouldn't have to balance myself over a toilet or do the "potty dance" while I set up my toilet paper seat cover.....and I would not have to touch anything else besides myself in the bathroom!!!!!

#3- Men get to just throw water in their hair and grab some clothes when they are running late or even just to go out....They can get ready in an average of 10mins.
#3- Women.....I would LOVE to get ready in 10mins. Do you think I love taking two hours just to go somewhere?? Instead I have to shave my legs real quick..... I have to fix my hair...I have to find something to wear.....then I have to find shoes that match....then I realize that my purse does not match! You want a hot women right?!!?!?

#4- Men get sick and the whole world has to stop turning. The house has to be extremely quite (Don't wake up Daddy Grumpy Sick Bear), you have to make their favorite meals, they are too hot/ cold....blah blah blah!
#4- Women get sick and the world seems to spin faster. Now, I will say that sometimes men do try to help out when you are sick, but sometimes it just does not work! I mean, after the third time of him asking you where the broom is you might as well get up and get it yourself! You still have to deal with kids yelling and running around like crazy. You get asked over and over again "Mom are you still going to my game tonight?""Are you feeling better Mommy?" "Daddy didn't do my hair right!" "What's for dinner!??!?!"

#5- Men can complain on how once a month women go CRAZY.
#5- Women.....Well, you know what?!?!? I love to trade places with you on my 28th day of the month! Do you think we love being grumpy, bloated, crampy, uncomfortable and short tempered???

I am just saying!

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